“Auckland I Hear You”

Anyone following the Auckland Council since the amalgamation of the 8 regional councils would assume that the only part of Auckland that matters is the CBD.

Furthermore, it would seem that the Mayor, most Councilors, Council staff and CCO’s are convinced that they alone know what’s best for Auckland and Aucklanders, and that none of them are interested in listening to any opinion outside of their own narrow focused agenda.

Yet as any Aucklander will tell you, and you will hear me repeat this again and again…”Auckland is not just the CBD”…it is a large region with many distinct and diverse communities.

On a global scale Auckland is a small city, and always will be by international standards. Sure, a very small number of Aucklanders want to live in tiny apartments in the CBD, but by far the majority of us live in Auckland because it has the potential to be a fantastic place to live and work, raise a family, and have a decentlifestyle.

Auckland needs to be a place where people can still afford a decent home to live and raise their families in, with outdoor spaces, a warm dry interior, and of course a place to park a car (if they so desire).

This vision of Auckland can be a reality, because it once existed only a little more than a generation ago. Borough Councils amalgamated into City Councils, and 9 years ago these City Councils amalgamated into the Auckland ‘Super Council’.

The role of a council is to serve and represent the people, not to serve itself and represent the ideologies of councilors and council staff. But as amalgamations have taken power and representation further and further from the people, the decline in lifestyle has increased to where we find ourselves today…and it’s not all that pretty.

A council that does not know its people and its communities on a personal and intimate level cannot serve them because it has no relationship with them, other than being their overlord and demanding their money!

Auckland needs a council that knows its people and communities, and can act at a local level to deal with local issues. This is how things use to be when Auckland was a lot less expensive to work and live in.

Council needs to be accountable for every dollar it spends, with its focus on the city and the people, not on building its own empire that is accountable to no one, where it runs the city based on its own ideologies, and uses mafia like tactics to extort every last cent it can get from you and me.

And where does the Mayor fit into all of this? The Mayor is the head of the council right? Wrong! The Mayor is supposed to be the top representative of the people…to be their ‘Champion,’ and it is the Mayors role to ensure that the council and their fellow councilors are doing the best for the city at all times.

Looking back would you call Brown or Goff ‘Champions of the People’ or just employees of the Auckland Council? How about Tamahere if he gets elected? To date none of these career politicians have made any real difference to the lives of the people they claim to represent, be it at local or national level. In fact one could easily argue that they may have even had a detrimental effect on our lives, but I will leave that for you to judge.

I, John Palino, will be a Mayor of the people and for the people. I want to restore Aucklanders dignity and their pride in this Region. My council will restore decision making to a local level, reduce council bureaucracy and red tape, and plan strategically for the growth of the Region.

With pragmatic and ‘unpoliticised’ thinking, smart planning, and prudent budgets, Auckland can once again be the ‘land of milk and honey’, which is what drew many of us here in the first place.

Please read through my website to get a better understanding of my philosophies and strategies, and how they will change the face of Auckland for the better. We need change now, as a change later may be too little too late.

Only a vote for me will get Auckland heading in the right direction.