“The story behind John Palino„

Hi  I am John Palino. I have a beautiful wife Rose and new to the family is my son Max. I have lived here in Auckland for over 23 years, owning and managing a number of businesses. I currently own the “Little Sweetie” café in Ponsonby at the top of Franklin Street.

Originally from New Jersey, I have spent most of my career self-employed in business in New York, Los Angeles and now in NZ. I started work in my early teens, working my way up to managing large hospitality businesses by the time I was twenty.

During the last 23 years I have lived in beautiful Auckland and I have become increasingly concerned by the poor decisions being made at local government level, especially council planning, overspending and over-regulation. These decisions are leading us to a very difficult way of living here in Auckland and I am concerned for the people and now my son.

I am running for Mayor on a platform that will fix these problems and address the pressing issues Auckland faces, in particular, traffic congestion, contaminated waterways, increasingly unaffordable house prices, cost of living, an over-regulated council, excessive rates rise, and poverty, which are mainly caused by council’s massive misunderstanding in growth planning.

Over the years I have worked with several organizations such as The Salvation Army, Lifewise and Merge Café as well as the Papakura Marae to help people in need. I have become so outraged at the neglect or the lack of real understanding during council’s decision-making. Council does not understand how they and their poor decision-making have caused these social and economic problems and because of this, the same poor decisions are kept being made.

If you ask why I am running, I can give you many stories of what I have seen and experienced and all of it points to the fact that people of all kinds here in Auckland need help. Whether it be assistance with council regulations, more affordable housing, more free time to spend with family and friends, less congestion, a job, better living conditions, cleaning up our water ways, opportunities for our children, and a future for them and their families. All of these are addressed in my policies.

In addition to the right decision-making, it is also crucial to remove those who would stop the right decisions from being implemented. If you want change like I have been fighting for, then please make the change because we are all responsible for the outcome.