”Inadequate parking for Park & Ride & for Business„

“Auckland I Hear You”

O ne of the biggest oversights of Auckland’s transport planning in the last decade has been the failure to build adequate parking at ‘park and ride’ stations. Many more people may be willing to use the city’s cost effective bus services if sufficient parking was provided at these stations to meet the demand.

Can someone at Auckland Council please tell me what the point is to say the city has ‘park and rides’ when there is woefully inadequate parking at them? Calling them ‘maybe park, maybe ride’ would be a more suitable name.

Perhaps the city’s transport planners only want commuters to take a bus to the bus, a bus to the train, or even a train to the bus and that is to not only to get to work but for your shopping as well! The many business areas throughout Auckland where parking has been removed is breaking the backs of what is the backbone of New Zealand. Small business are suffering all over Auckland when parking is removed. This scenario of taking busses would be great for those who can, but there are many who just don’t have that option.

Let’s think about why this is not possible. How many buses would be required to pick up every person in every area to take them everywhere in Auckland or even a Park & Ride? Probably a lot more buses than Auckland Transport currently has in its fleet. So, most people take the only alternative available to them i.e. driving their car…but when they get there, there is no parking.

I call this a big failure!

The problem is that both residential Auckland and the working communities are so spread out that providing public transportation to cover most areas with reasonable ride frequencies is just not possible. When they say they are working on it, realise they are only working on getting you to the CBD and possibly a couple other areas. This is one of the many reasons why Auckland City needs to make a change. So, can the inadequate transport system being used now, be operated any better? In short no!

The answer is ‘no’ because the way the council and its planners are designing Auckland’s future, is all wrong. Wrong will always be wrong, and will not become ‘right’ no matter how many meetings you have about it, or how much money you throw at it. If only 12% of the working population works in our CBD, then you can run that the best you possibly can but it is still only 12% of those people traveling to work.

Want to know what the right way is? The answer to this and many of the other big issues facing Auckland can be found on this website…so please keep reading.