John Palino for Auckland Mayor

Auckland mayoral candidate John Palino is running for mayor because Aucklanders have missed out on the promised benefits of the Super City.

We were promised a new council would make our city the great city we believe it can be, but two terms of current Auckland mayor Len Brown and a left wing council has left Aucklanders’ disillusioned.

Since Auckland Council was formed in 2010 our rates have gone up far more than the rate of inflation. Our council has dramatically increased the number of staff compared to its predecessor councils, and is paying them significantly more than the average Aucklander earns.

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Council regulations have pushed up house prices to unaffordable levels, and the council has done little to free up our artificially restricted land supply. Council plans for Aucklanders to live in apartments and use public transport do not reflect the wishes of Aucklanders to have a family home with a back yard their kids can play in.

The ideologically driven Unitary Plan will change the nature of our city against our wishes, eroding the property rights of existing residents. This unpopular plan needs to be completely reviewed, with existing residents’ rights given priority over council planners’ wishes to block views and sunlight with inappropriate apartments.

In the last five years Auckland has lost its way. Our city needs leadership from candidates who will solve the problems Auckland faces. We need a Mayor and a Council who put forward real policy solutions to the very real problems facing Aucklanders.

Leading up to the mayoral election I will be releasing real, costed policies that solve the problems facing Auckland.

John Palino – Auckland Mayoral Candidate 2016